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SleepCool. -Sleep giver for the cold season

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Suitable for the cold season: Our small guide "Better Sleep"

We spend around a third of our lives in our sleep. Sleep is-in addition to a healthy diet and adequate movement-the most important pillar of health. Our performance depends on him. We would like to give you a few little "well-tempered" tips on how to sleep better.


Bedroom ideal temperature control

Room temperature and humidity have a strong influence on sleep. You should not sweat or freeze. The suitable temperature in the bedroom is also 18 °C during the cold season. One or two degrees Celsius more or less disturb sleep but also non-freezing brings nothing. However, the room temperature should not fall below 16 ° C. On the one hand the musculature cramps in the cold, on the other hand nocturnal temperatures below 16 °C promote mould formation in the bedroom, because the moisture that the body leaves at night cannot dry.

More important than cool air is enough oxygen: in the evening in front of bed, 15 minutes of bumps, then it sleeps better. In addition, between 45% and 65% humidity are optimal. If it is not too cold-or too loud-you can sleep with a tilted window-but in no case with draughts.

Note: Already in the late evening, the body temperature begins to drop and reaches the minimum at 3 o'clock at night. If you sleep in a room that is too warm, your body cannot cool enough. If it is too cold, the body prevents it from being heated. In both cases, the optimum sleep temperature can only be achieved with difficulty.

Less electronics in the evening

If possible, put all the electronic devices 1 hour before going to sleep. The radiation and the light of the displays lead to poorer falling asleep and lurks your deep sleep phase. Take a good book in your hand to relax and read with enough light a little.

Consciously entschleunigen before going to bed

Put your own little rituals, which you can do at night to switch off from the day. A few relaxing yoga or breathing exercises, autogenic training, sea noise or rain noise from the box-Here there is a lot of things that will make you more calmer and thus better fall asleep.

Bed goods perfectly temperate

The optimal sleeping climate in the bed can be positively influenced by breathable SleepCOOL. products. Temperature-regulating SleepCOOL. bedding ensure optimal body, temperature, and humidity interplay. The microclimate on the skin is positively influenced, sweating and freezing are reduced.

Eating and drinking before going to sleep

Those who go before sleeping a lot or even what is heavy, throws the digestive motor on which then runs to high pressure and keeps the body on trapp.
Also, you should not go to bed hungry. An empty stomach is also awake before sleeping, and the feeling of hunger does not leave you to rest.

We recommend a maximum of 2 hours before the sleep the last time to eat. Light meals, such as fish or chicken with fertiliser vegetables, or even a jogued, are ideal.

Also, you should not drink too much before sleeping, because otherwise you have to get out at night and sleep is so tough to interrupt.
Just a good hour before going to sleep don't drink any more, and the chance to sleep is a multiple higher.

Take a hot bath

A cozy bathroom increases your body temperature a little. When you come out, you can cool down quite quickly, mimic the natural process of the slat. When the brain prepares the body for sleep, the body temperature falls naturally. For efficacy, there is a physiological explanation: Through the baths, the peripheral vessels are expanded, which lowers the body core temperature. This decrease in body temperature, which is also physiologically occurring in the evening, is perceived as a strong one-stop-free. A warm bath not only helps to fall asleep faster, but also helps to sleep better, as demonstrated by several clinical studies.

Change showers

Who has no bathtub: Avoid a cold shower in front of the bed. The cold water causes the vessels to pull together, so heat can not be transported so well out of the body. A warm shower works better, but the best are changing showers, only cool then warm.

Avoid cold feet

Women often suffer from cold feet-and these are a real "killer" for good sleep. A good one-stop tip is a warm foot bath: This promotes blood circulation and also acts well for relaxation and against unrest. Whatever helps: Pull socks on in bed.


Winterbed blanket COOL.EMOTIONS


About SleepCOOL.

Sleepcool's innovative bedding will suit your warmth needs and will give you a healthier sleep.

SleepCOOL. is a young innovative brand that wants to offer more comfort in sleep. Behind this is a team of committed, competent employees and experts who have been dealing with the topic of "climate comfort" for years and can draw on a wealth of experience in different textile areas-whether in the case of bedding or clothing, shoes, accessories.

The headquarters of Colheim GmbH & Co KG is located in Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg, on the Brenz. SleepCOOL. has written on the flag to offer a small but fine selection of high-quality and innovative bedding with function, which are manufactured under fair conditions.

We attach great importance to flawless processing and demanding functional materials. We only work with environmentally friendly, pollutant-free products. And we want to increase your sleeping comfort!

We are looking forward to requests for cooperation online such as print, from the areas of lifestyle, living, living, home and garden, interior design, health, health conscious life, around the topic of sleep and everything that has to do with the topic better and healthier sleep in the broadest sense.

If you are interested in our products, you should have a topic-related article. other publications, just come to us.

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