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Little Advice: Sleep Better

We spend about a third of our lives in sleep. In addition to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, sleep is the most important pillar of health. Our performance depends on him. We would like to give you a few small "well-tempered" tips on how to sleep better.

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Ideal temperature control for the bedroom

Room temperature and humidity have a strong influence on sleep. You should not sweat or freeze. A suitable temperature in the bedroom is considered to be 18 ° C. One or two degrees Celsius more or less disturb sleep, but also not – freezing does nothing. However, the room temperature should not fall below 16 ° C. On the one hand, the muscles cramp in the cold, on the other hand, night temperatures below 16 ° C promote the formation of mold in the bedroom, because the moisture that the body excretes at night, can not dry.
More important than cool air is sufficient oxygen: in the evening, before going to bed, ventilate for 15 minutes, then it's better to sleep. In addition, between 45% and 65% humidity is optimal. If it is not too cold – or too noisy –, sleep preferably with the window tilted – but in no case with drafts.
Note: already in the late evening, the body temperature begins to decrease, reaching the minimum around 3 o'clock at night. If you sleep in a room that is too warm, your body will not be able to cool down enough. If it is too cold, the body prevents it by warming. In both cases, it is difficult to achieve the optimal sleeping temperature.

Perfect temperature control of bedding

The optimal sleeping climate in bed can be positively achieved by breathable SleepCOOL.-Influence products. Temperature-regulating SleepCOOL.-Bedding ensures an optimal interaction of body, temperature and humidity. The microclimate on the skin is positively influenced, sweating and freezing are reduced (see also more detailed explanation on Phase Change Material (PCM). You can find even more background information on thermodynamic laws here.

Take a hot bath

A cozy bath will raise your body temperature a little. When they come out, they cool down quite quickly, which mimics the natural process of falling asleep. When the brain prepares the body for sleep, the body temperature drops naturally. There is a physiological explanation for the effectiveness: as a result of the baths, the peripheral vessels are dilated, which lowers the core body temperature. This decrease, which also occurs physiologically in the evening, of the Body temperature is perceived as a strong urge to fall asleep. So, a warm bath helps not only to fall asleep faster, but also to sleep better, as evidenced by several clinical studies.

Avoid cold feet

Women often suffer from cold feet - and they are a real "killer" for good sleep. A good way to fall asleep is a warm foot bath: this promotes blood circulation and also works well for relaxation and against restlessness. What can also help: put socks on in bed.

Avoid cold showers

Avoid (especially in warm outdoor temperatures) a cold shower before going to bed. The cold water causes the vessels to contract, so heat can not be transported out of the body so well. A warm shower works better, but changing showers are best, only cool then warm.
On hot summer nights: if you feel exhausted and dull due to high temperatures and therefore can not sleep, then go to the bathroom and keep the pulse of both hands under running, cold water for one to two minutes. You will be amazed at how pleasant this is and how well you fall asleep afterwards.

Supply sufficient fluid

On hot summer nights, when you can not sleep, you should add liquid. You should drink even if you don't feel thirsty. Melissa tea, hop tea, hibiscus flower tea or water with a little lemon juice are ideal, all unsweetened and not ice cold, but at room temperature.

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