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Alternating years-hot flashes at night do not have to be

Posted by Jochen May on
Wechseljahre - Hitzewallungen in der Nacht müssen nicht sein

Often one had heard of the typical menopausal complaints: sweat outbreaks, mood swings and sleep disorders. When it comes to one day, it is quickly established that the altered progesterone and estrogen budget can bring a very nice balance. Of course, the menopause is not a disease, and yet women are asking themselves again and again, " What helps against hot flushes and sweat outbreaks? How can I make sense of my annual complaints? "

Take the time for yourself

In general, it is important that you give yourself time to yourself. After many years, in which children's education, work and family responsibilities were very tight, one should use the time of inner upheaval for themselves and put their own well-being in place. This is often difficult for women. They define themselves more strongly than men over social aspects and would like to stand by others forever. This is a wonderful property that makes women often very happy. However, after all the years of increased use for others, it is time for one to allow yourself some time for yourself and to be guided according to the signals of his body.

There is a remedy against hot flashes

Pamper yourself with a healthy diet, a little sport and very important with some time for yourself. Just make what you feel like, be it gardening, meet with a girlfriend in a nice restaurant or go shopping and enjoy the freedom! You will ask: "And when I get one of my hot flushes and a sweat break in the middle of the restaurant or in the dressing room?"  There is a remedy here: there are manufacturers who specialize in clothing for women in the menopause and offer textiles that allow women to be less sweaty. The garments absorb excess heat, store them, and later release them as soon as the body starts to fry. This not only minimizes the risk of cold, but also significantly increases your well-being.

Sleep better and start out in the day

"And if I have energy for nothing?" Powerlessness is really a big problem for women in the menopause. This often stems from a bad night's sleep, which leads to destitution in the day. But here, too, you are not alone and there are wonderful products that support a restful deep sleep. For example, the German company SleepCOOL has specialized in thermoregulating bedding. They equate the temperature of the sleeping ends over the entire night and ensure a balanced micro-climate.

Extend your deep sleep phase with temperature-regulating bedding

Past are the times in which one sweeps back and forth after a hot flushes, uncovered and later freezes again. The SleepCOOL Mattress pad, Pillow and Cover According to independent studies, women have more deep-sleep phases and are therefore more powerful on the following day. In addition, a healthy restful sleep is unceasable for long-term health, because sleep problems affect the cardiovascular system, the brain, the metabolism and the immune system. So you don't save on your sleeping equipment. Treat yourself to something and win back your old joie de vivre.

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