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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

How does PCM work?

Water glass

Phase-change materials (PCM) are materials that are able to change their aggregate state (= phase) and thus reduce temperature and moisture fluctuations. You can easily compare the Outlast® PCM technology with an ice cube in a glass of water: melts the ice cubes (so he changed its aggregate state - = phase - from solid to liquid), it takes up heat and thus cools the water, the Drink lasts longer the desired temperature.

Outlast® phase change materials work according to the same principle. The capacity to absorb, save, store and return, allows each product that contains the Outlast® technology continuously to regulate the skin temperature. Overheating the skin, the heat is recorded, the skin cools off, the stored heat is returned.

In doing so, the Outlast® technology used in Sleepcool products does not work by means of a wicking effect that the moisture is only "regulates" that the already emerged sweat is transported away from the skin. The Outlast® technology sets proactive much earlier and ensures that it does not necessarily have to emerge so much sweat, as the sweatproduction Yes is already reduced. That's the secret and represents a fundamental difference.


Thermal image

Interesting: The Test Method THG AreaView - the climate counts

Numerous studies prove the mode of action of climate and moisture-regulating Outlast® materials. Outlast® materials are subject to constant quality control and are constantly being tested in both climatic chambers, with standardized test methods as well as at international institutes: studies have shown that Outlast® products can significantly reduce welding formation. In Outlast® Bedding, 67% of respondents sweat less.
The efficient moisture can be derived, the longer man moves in the comfort area. The thermal component of the area plays only a secondary role in the evaluation of comfort. To reduce another way of transpiration moisture is to limit them in their formation. Offer the body's possibilities of heat levy, without the need for transpiration, he uses this and saves energy. Exactly this mode of action make Sleepcool use products to use. 

With special climate visualization technology, you can make the interplay of heat and moisture around the body visible. This creates an insight into the "body language" of the organism, which gives instructions on its need for more or less heat. The THG AreaAview technology is a measuring system that makes heat and humidity developments visible in areas that remain closed to the eye. Live and almost in real time, the climate of sleeping persons will be recognizable, reasons for restless sleep and much more.
With the "THG SleepView" measurement system, the actual temperature and humidity development between man and duvet can be made visible. Especially in this method is its ability to visually visible concealed layers. Layers that remain hidden an IR camera or other optical devices. Since the data sensors of this prestigious measuring system are very small, they can be installed directly into the microclimate and measure in the air layer between the skin and duvet. Just there where the comfort comes to wear.

Dramatic welding reduction

Also we used the test method THG SLEEPVIEW (carried out by the independent institute C.Russ-Netconsult): Over 5 hours 40 minutes were measured with two bedspreads - one with and one without Outlast® technology - the moisture measured in the microclimate under the duvet arises.

The result: The moisture can reduced up to 48% will. A handsome value that is immediately reflected in more sleeping comfort!

Moisture reduction in bedding

Diagram Moisture reduction*Max. Difference during the test

Less sweating with outlast

Diagram less sweat

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