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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

Sleep better in the motorhome with SleepCOOL bedding.

Temperature-regulating bedding: a little luxury for your camping holiday

Sure - if you go camping or stay in a mobile home,
you make a conscious decision against a 5-star hotel holiday with all amenities. After all, you look forward to the many other benefits
and unique experiences that camping offers you. But healthy sleep is still important so that you can get off to a good start in the morning. So treat yourself to a little luxury with our high-quality yet affordable bedding that will keep you feeling cool. This bedding that is
ideal for camping, scores with the
temperature and moisture regulating effect. So you don't sweat so quickly even in the summer heat at night. Our breathable pillows, duvets and covers promote air circulation despite the higher temperature in the motorhome and have a pleasantly fresh effect on the skin. So if the heat builds up in your mobile night quarters, you are well prepared. By the way: The SleepCOOL products are also suitable for winter campers, as they have a temperature-regulating effect and prevent freezing.

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Bedding with a cooling effect: ideal for every season - always the perfect sleeping climate in the mobile home

Maybe you just bought an RV
and are you not only planning tours in summer, but also in autumn and winter? In order to sleep comfortably in your caravan, our pillows, duvets, toppers and covers offer a decisive advantage: thanks to our cooling products for your camping trips, you do not need different bedding for each season. Thanks to the Outlast® materials in our products, they have a climate-regulating effect and cool you down when it's warm or warm you up when it's cold. The lyocell fiber TENCEL® ensures that excess fluid caused by increased sweating is absorbed and transported away, so that you can sleep dry and refreshed in the mobile home and enjoy the night under the stars.

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Cover from SleepCOOL. complete the temperature-regulating sleeping system for the camper

For maximum temperature regulation, you should also use a SleepCOOL. use to have the opportunity, also upwards, to release excess heat.

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