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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

TENCEL® for a dry sleeping climate

Tencel VikaThe purely vegetable Lyocell fiber TENCEL® is a function fiber from the renewable raw material wood, which is not only particularly environmentally friendly, but perfectly supported by its excellent moisture transport a dry sleeping climate: a botanical bed of nature. TENCEL® and the positive effects of the function fiber on the well-being in sleep was studied with dermatologists and the positive effects of the function fiber. With TENCEL® you can enjoy an all-round natural sleep feel in Sleepcool.-Products.

In bedding, moisture transport is determined by the indoor climate. Depending on the prevailing conditions TENCEL® moisture absorbs particularly fast and returns to the environment again quickly. Compared to other filling materials for comforters, TENCEL® has the highest moisture absorption. The test shows that TENCEL® still has free capacities at an air humidity of 65% to transport moisture from the body. Only TENCEL® assumes moisture and uniformly (cotton has, for example, a 50% reduced recording capacity to TENCEL®).


Natural hygiene fiber

TENCEL® immediately feels that the fiber comes from nature. Thus, the botanical origin is in each bedding from TENCEL®. The basic principle of botany - the photosynthesis - is the basis of TENCEL®. Eucalyptus wood is the raw material and this can only be caused by photosynthesis of plants. Furthermore, TENCEL® convinces with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This is based on a solvent spinning process. The solvent used is recycled to 99.7%.

TENCEL® moisture management prevents the formation of bacteria in Sleepcool.-Products. Moisture is immediately transported to the Faserinnere. On the fiber there is thus no moisture film, which can be the basis for bacterial growth. This bacterial protection works without chemical additives. The extremely good moisture management reduces bacterial growth in a completely natural way. Unpleasant odors can therefore be prevented from scratch in the approach.

The perfect moisture management in Sleepcool.-Products also prevents the unrestricted multiplication of mites in bed. Investigations show that most of an applied mite population desires. For a conventional product, the mite number increases within six weeks around 17 times. The mite concentration drastically decreases due to the moisture management of TENCEL®. TENCEL® buffers moisture and the mites die off.


Properties of Tencel® make it possible in its unique combination to enjoy relaxing dreams. Electrostatic charging is no longer a topic. If non-grounded materials rub against each other, it is built up by charge separation electrical voltage depending on the moisture content of the materials used and their conductivity.

Advantage at Sleepcool.:
Moisture acts like a lightning conductor and prevents charging.


Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of TENCEL®. The manufacturer Lenzing has been working for years with the basic principles of healthy sleep. Together with sleep researchers, the effect of TENCEL® were examined for sleeping and rated essential health factors (heart rate, room temperature, humidity ...).

Result: TENCEL® absorbs moisture controlled and uniform.

"Sleep is the only happiness,
that you only enjoy,
when it's over. "

Alfred Polgar
Austrian writer,
Aphoristiker, critic and translator

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