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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

SleepCOOL mattress pads. provide relief from hot flashes

SleepCOOL. has specialized in offering bedding that ensures a balanced sleeping climate throughout the night. For example, mattress pads from SleepCOOL. successfully buffer women's night sweats.

The SleepCOOL. Mattress overlay absorbs excess body heat, stores it and can release it again later, for example when the night sweats are over and there is a risk of cooling down. In this respect, the risk of catching a cold is also significantly reduced. Since a SleepCOOL. Mattress topper has contact with large parts of the body, it is a very effective way to relieve thermal menopausal symptoms.

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That's what our customers say

Christel wrote on 10/19/2022:

I deliberately tested the edition for a while before writing a review.
I wanted to avoid the possibly euphoric enthusiasm of the first night being a flash in the pan.

But I have to say that this edition does its job perfectly. I bought these for menopausal sweats. Before, I could do it at night
hardly find any rest, after every turning I was swimming in my own juice.

This is history thanks to the wonderful edition. I still have heat waves. But the mattress topper ensures that the heat doesn't build up and you feel like you're in a tuppa can.

A really good product that I highly recommend.

Annette wrote on 07/17/2022:

Plagued by hot flashes due to menopause, I was looking for a cooling mattress pad.
I am very happy to have found this product. It convinces from the start. It is so pleasant and noticeable how the heat is withdrawn from the body ... At the same time it warms pleasantly if necessary. I love it.

I also ordered the pillow, which is also highly recommended, although I would wish for an even greater cooling effect.

Quality and processing top.
Not cheap, but worth every penny.
Many thanks for these great products!

In this sense,
sleep cool ;)

SleepCOOL pillows. let women keep a cool head during the menopause

The in all SleepCOOL. The OUTLAST® thermal technology used in products was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations in space.

It is possible that with your menopausal symptoms you sometimes feel like you are on an unexplored mission in space and could use any help to regain your thermal balance.

A SleepCOOL. Pillow ensures that excess heat is absorbed, for example in the neck area, before you start to sweat.

This is a proactive technology that prevents sweat from forming in the first place. In contrast to this, other functional materials available on the market only attempt to wick away the sweat that has been produced.

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How does SleepCOOL bedding work?

Too warm

There is too much heat, and your sleeping comfort is significantly affected. You are restless, you sweat and the sleeping climate is uncomfortable. This is where Outlast® begins to work and absorbs excess heat...

Precisely that the ideal sleeping climate is created in a short time, and your deep sleep phase is significantly extended. Exactly the sleep phase that contributes the most important part to regeneration.

Too cold

The same effect, only in reverse, occurs if, for example, the ambient temperature drops in the early morning hours. The heat previously stored by the Outlast® technology is released again so that you do not freeze and the climate remains ideal.

Cover from SleepCOOL. complete the temperature-regulating sleeping system

For maximum temperature regulation, you should also use SleepCOOL covers. use to have the opportunity, also upwards, to release excess heat. With a SleepCOOL. Fully equipped, night sweat production can be reduced by up to 48%*. Treat yourself with SleepCOOL. products ensure a more restful night's sleep and regain your old joie de vivre.

*Tests conducted by C. Russ - inside climate, an independent test lab in Munich (THG AreaView - SleepView). Details on request.

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