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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

From space to your bed

Hall of fame-Madaille

The one in Sleepcool.-Outlast products used®Technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. Today, the climate-regulating functional material increases your sleeping comfort!

Attention: There are always products that claim a connection to NASA for themselves, but often without authorization. "Official clarity" is provided here by the American Space Foundation (a non-profit organization affiliated with NASA), which awarded Outlast the "Certified Space Technology" seal of approval in May 2003. Only 39 companies worldwide have this distinction; Outlast® this is the only textile application.

outlast®Technology is the only Phase Change Material (PCM), which holds the Certified Space Technology™ seal of approval. By the way: Only 39 companies worldwide have this award, Outlast®-Products are the only textile application.

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... in your bed! The one in Sleepcool.-Outlast products used®Technology was originally developed for NASA, now space technology ensures your perfect sleeping comfort and reduces annoying sweating. Useful high-tech for everyday life!

Logo Space Foundation

Which Space Foundation is an American non-profit organization with the aim of supporting and advancing everything related to space travel, whether in the civil, commercial and educational fields or when it comes to national security.

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