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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

With Outlast ® not too warm and not too cold

Astronaut in bed

Every human being feels climate comfort differently and sweats and freezes differently (and that under certain circumstances at the same room temperature!). However, everyone agrees that "moisture" is unpleasant. Therefore, we use in SleepCOOL. -Products climaregulierende Outlast ® materials, which dynamically adapt to the comfort requirements of each individual and provide for a balanced sleep. These are referred to as " Phase Change Material (PCM), originally developed for the US Aerospace Authority NASA. For this purpose, Outlast was awarded the "Certified Space Technology™" seal of approval.

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How do Outlast ® materials work in SleepCOOL. products?

When you take a closer look, it becomes clear that our body reacts differently to temperature fluctuations during the night and normally starts to sweat when it gets too warm. Sweating is a mechanism of the body to dissipate excess heat and thus regulate body temperature.

Unlike Outlast ®: Outlast ®-Phase-Change-Materials (PCM), body heat can absorb, store and release body heat again. As a result, the body does not have to start sweating in order to achieve cooling. Thus, the Outlast ® technology works very early and works active and extremely hygienic. Here, the formation of sweat is already reduced. This is revolutionary and unique.

Pro-active mode of action

In contrast to other materials and insulation, which maintain heat, the Outlast ® materials used in SleepCOOL. products continuously and proactively regulate the temperature in order to achieve a balanced climate. Overheating and the resulting weld formation are significantly reduced. Outlast ® materials represent a measurable advantage over moisture-transporting technologies, since they react only after the body has already started to sweat. The next film explains this very vividly.

Due to natural sweating, everyone can lose up to 1 litre of sweat per night. Outlast ® materials can reduce this on average by 50%. As a result, the sleep climate is drier, the dormite is pleasant. SleepCOOL. -Products with cooling Outlast ® materials function as an optimal moisture and temperature management-all by themselves, quite simply in their sleep. Please note: The more consequent a sleep system with outlast®products, the more efficient its mode of operation.

Outlast Technology Drawing


  • More comfort
  • Less overheating
  • Less cooling
  • Less welding
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Active Temperature Compensation
  • Healthier sleep

"A good day starts with a good night."

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Uhlenbruck,
German immunologist and aphoristician

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