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With Sleepcool. Last rest in the day!

Not too warm, not too cold - just right!

Our high-quality beddings are all climatic and temperature-regulating as well as breathable.

With a sleep system of Sleepcool. Near your very individual, optimal sleep temperature and extend your deep sleep phase by up to 30%!

Less sweat, freeze less, sleeping quietly!

Cuddly soft and always a pleasant climate - our comforters, mattress ppers and pillow covers provide optimal sleeping comfort for the highest demands.
Bedding of Sleepcool. Take up your excess body heat and save it, so you can sleep less sweat and recover.

Top-class sleeping comfort

Sleepcool. Is your contact person for a relaxing sleep. We offer a small but innovative selection of high-performance function products for your shank room. Bedding, which adapt to your heat needs. Individually. Very easily. So you can relax well, come to rest, create power, regenerate ...

Our goal: you sweat and freeze less and sleep better.

Get the new climate comfort to bed!

Our comfort secret

SleepCOOL. Products with Outload ® Offer:

More comfort & healthier sleep%124less overheating%sweating%124uniform heat distribution%124less cooling%124active temperature equalization.

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NASA space technology for you 

For climate-regulating output ®- The materials are called Phase-change materials (PCM) originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space.

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A botanical bed from nature
The Lyocell fibre TENCEL ® is an environmentally friendly functional phase of the renewable raw material wood that perfectly supports a dry sleep climate due to its excellent moisture transport.

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