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Temperature-regulating cushion covers with cooling function-COOL.STER-Just sleep better

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Climate and moisture regulating Climate and moisture regulating
Breathable Atmungsaktiv
Temperature balancing Has a temperature balancing effect and a fresh touch
Sweat less, freeze less Reduces sweating & freezing

COOL.STER is a breathable pillow cover (cushion cover without filling) 100% Lyocell® with climate-regulating Outlast ® function coating, which can reduce the humidity extremely.

COOL.STER is a breathable cushion cover (cushion cover without filling) made from 100% Lyocell ® with a climate-regulating Outlast® functional coating that can extremely reduce moisture.

This cushion cover is ideal for people who sweat easily. Anyone who loves a dry sleeping climate is in the right place here, you can easily keep a cool head here.

You can cover any pillow with the pillowcase (and then just cover it with your bed linen). The cushion cover has a zipper. You can simply add the climate function to your existing pillow, so you don't have to buy a whole new pillow. Practical. Zipper up, bedding on top, done!

A small, powerful add-on that has a big, pleasant effect: annoying sweating is reduced during sleep. Without much effort.

The breathable cushion cover is made of 100% Lyocell® with the climate-regulating Outlast® function, which can extremely minimize overheating. By absorbing excess heat, less moisture is created (up to 48% moisture can be reduced), thus effectively reducing sweating. The dry pillow climate contributes to a restful and healthier sleep.

100% Lyocell® mit Outlast®-Funktionsbeschichtung

40 °C maschinenwaschbar, trocknergeeignet

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