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Temperature-regulating additional sheet Cool.ADDITION - Ideal sleeping climate, breathable, sweat less, freeze less

49,95 €

Climate and moisture regulating Climate and moisture regulating
Breathable Atmungsaktiv
Temperature balancing Has a temperature balancing effect and a fresh touch
Sweat less, freeze less Reduces sweating & freezing

Cool.Addition is the clever addition to your mattress - cooling, breathable and temperature-regulating.

Additional sheet / mattress pad Cool.Addition - Cooling, breathable and temperature-regulating

Cool.Addition is the clever addition to your mattress. Simply pull it over the mattress under your normal sheet - this way you will sweat less and avoid heat build-up.

Simply sleep better thanks to the temperature and moisture-regulating properties of Cool.Addition.

SleepCOOL. products use the climate and moisture-regulating functional material Outlast®, which was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from uncomfortable temperature fluctuations in space. Today, Outlast® technology reduces your sweating. Ideal for people with an increased need for climate comfort. Thanks to the climate-regulating functional material, perspiration is significantly reduced. You sleep better and wake up more refreshed. A good supplement for all night workers, shift workers, women who are plagued by menopause symptoms or, in short, for everyone who appreciates a plus in more restful sleep. SleepCOOL bedding absorbs excess heat, stores it and releases it again during the night when needed. This reduces sweat production by up to 48% and always creates a wonderfully balanced sleeping climate for longer deep sleep phases and more relaxation. Origin: Cool.Addition is manufactured entirely in the European Union.

1. Layer Silicone with PCM- Kapseln
2. Layer Textile 100% PES

Care instructions:
40 °C mashine washable, suitable for dryer

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