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Die fünf cleversten Anti-Schnarchen-Tipps

The five smartest anti-snoring tips

Everyone does it from time to time, but no one admits it: snoring. What usually ends in less restful nights for the person concerned can become a test of patience for the partner or even roommate. With our anti-snoring tricks, both you and your partner can sleep through the night again.

Finally quiet nights with anti-snoring gadgets

In addition to the fundamental improvement in overall health, there are numerous tricks that should help to stop snoring. The most creative anti-snoring products can also be found on the market. These are mostly based on the principle of preventing sleeping on your back. Because in this position, snoring noises are encouraged: During sleep, our muscles relax, including those in the mouth.

In snorers, the tongue often falls back and blocks the airways. So the air has to flow through with more pressure, which leads to vibration and the loud noise. When the mouth is open, the uvula and soft palate can also vibrate severely. The throat muscles and the connective tissue play a role in this. The looser they are, the higher the likelihood of snoring. This is also the reason why old people snore more often than young people and men more often than women. As a rule, this is not a health hazard and only rarely is the cause due to an illness.

At this point the friendly tip: If you suffer from sleep disorders or other consequences due to snoring, please talk to a doctor about it. For everyone else, we present a selection of anti-snoring remedies below, thanks to which you can finally sleep peacefully again.

1. Anti snoring pillow

These special pillows move the sleeping person to the side position. According to studies, almost 20 percent of people like to sleep on their backs - this promotes nightly snoring. The pillow promises to put the head in a certain position that makes breathing easier and can thus act as an anti-snoring agent.

Even if you normally sleep on your side, you can increase the quality of your sleep enormously with the right pillow . The optimal support of the muscles can on the one hand counteract neck pain and on the other hand relax the neck and throat muscles - goodbye to snoring.

2. Anti snoring vest and anti snoring backpack

These two tools follow a similar approach to the pillow. However, they are among the somewhat rougher products: With the help of a so-called protector on the back part, the vest ensures that you can no longer turn on your back. With the vest, the manufacturer promises special comfort with a reliable anti-snoring effect at the same time.

The backpack, on the other hand, works with a balloon that can be flexibly adjusted and does not enclose your body as completely as the vest.

3. Plaster with anti-snoring effect

Nasal plasters offer another approach. You simply stick this on the bridge of your nose. They are designed to widen the nostrils so you can breathe better while you sleep. Because when the air you breathe goes through your nose and not your mouth, there is less vibration, which reduces noise.

The application of these patches is particularly simple, but the adhesive can cause skin irritation. In this case, you should switch to other measures against snoring. For example, classic nasal spray can help to breathe better through the nose by reducing the swelling of the mucous membranes. This also promises an improvement in nightly rest.

4. Splints for snorers

If there is an anatomical cause of snoring, a lower jaw splint can help. This prevents the tongue from falling back by shifting the jaw slightly forward. This will allow you to breathe easier and potentially snore less. Such devices are freely available at widely varying prices. Custom-made protrusion splints from an oral surgeon promise the best success.

5. Anti-snoring habits

Not a gadget, but all the more effective is our last tip. With just a few steps you can ensure better sleep and less snoring: optimize your bedroom and your bed in terms of climate and thus ensure a good night's sleep. Letting fresh air in before bed can improve your sleep quality. Choosing your pillow for a good sleeping position and using breathable materials for the duvet and mattress topper also helps.

Alcohol and nicotine, on the other hand, are conducive to snoring because they affect the pharyngeal muscles and mucous membranes. You've probably heard before that a heavy stomach affects sleep - it also promotes snoring. Healthy and light food in the evening can help, just as weight reduction can counteract snoring under certain circumstances.

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