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Was du gegen kalte Füße im Bett tun kannst

What you can do against cold feet in bed

Most people are familiar with the problem: Arriving in bed snuggled up in the evening, having just found a comfortable position, sleep still does not want to set in. The reason: cold feet. You can find out what you can do to prevent cold feet in bed in our guide. We tell you the best SOS tricks and recommendations for everyday use.

What to do against cold feet in bed: tips and tricks

If you suffer from ice feet more often during the day and especially in the evenings in bed, this can have medical causes, such as diabetes or other diseases as well as circulatory disorders. Especially if you not only have particularly cold feet, but also tingling or aching ones, you should have the whole thing clarified by a doctor. The nocturnal chills can also have very harmless reasons, which you can counteract with simple measures.

By the way: It is a myth that only women suffer from cold feet. Although there is a grain of truth in it: Due to hormonal fluctuations and generally lower muscle mass, women freeze faster - and have cold feet more often.

Promote blood circulation in the evening

Basically, good blood circulation keeps you warm. That's why we recommend always making sure you have a good blood supply in your hands and feet. On the one hand, you can achieve this through exercise: a short walk before going to bed regulates your blood pressure.

A foot massage, which can stimulate blood circulation, has the same warming effect. A full leg massage can also help. You can either do both at a local massage center or easily at home yourself: To do this, massage the soles of your feet in circular movements from the middle to the toes and back to the heel. Make a whole bedtime ritual out of it and get pleasant warmth with a relaxing foot bath.

...and throughout the day

You can also ensure that the blood circulation in your extremities runs optimally throughout the rest of the day. Make sure you have enough movement and freedom for your feet. Did you know that four out of five people wear the wrong shoe and sock size? If you wear shoes that are too small, your feet cannot get proper blood circulation.

You can also easily find out whether your socks are too tight by looking for imprints through the rubber at the top edge - this also strangles the blood. In addition, blood flow generally improves when you drink enough fluids. Therefore, drink enough water and unsweetened tea throughout the day. At best, however, you should avoid a glass of wine before going to bed: Alcohol draws water out of the body and causes the organs to dilate. The skin is supplied with more blood, but not necessarily the feet, which in turn freeze.

The right climate in the bedroom

If you're one of those people who get cold feet in bed, there may be something very simple you can do about it. Have you ever taken a closer look at the conditions, temperatures and other influences in your bedroom? It is not uncommon for many frostbite to forget this seemingly obvious point.

To do this, first examine the room and eliminate any sources of draft or cold. How high is your heating at night? The recommended comfort temperature is 19 degrees. If your feet freeze even though the middle of your body seems warm, this can be a sign that it is too cold because: The body first protects the organs and keeps them warm. However, extremities such as hands or feet are the last to be treated – ergo, they freeze first.

The ceiling makes the difference

Your duvet can also be responsible for cold feet at bedtime. Many people only have one copy for summer and winter - it is logical that this is not always enough in particularly cold weather. So what you can do: Depending on the season, put a suitable blanket on the bed. With us you will find two different thicknesses - a winter duvet and a summer duvet .

In addition, freezing feet can be due to other circumstances, such as the size of the blanket. Are you taller than 1.8 meters? Then it's best to go for the plus size . After all, the duvet should be at least 20 centimeters longer than you, otherwise your feet could remain uncovered and thus exposed to the cold.

What is also often neglected is the quality of the duvet and all textiles in the bed. Cold feet can not only be caused by cold temperatures themselves, but also by moisture that is caused by an unfavorable climate. Do something good for yourself with our temperature-regulating duvets and mattress pads and make sure that you don't sweat or freeze at night. Your feet are not cooled by sweat and the moisture released by the body is transported to the outside, which creates an ideal sleeping environment.

Fast help for cold feet in bed

Not being able to fall asleep every night because of cold feet becomes a stress test in the long run. Therefore, in addition to the long-term solutions, as mentioned before, we will also tell you about the short-term home remedies. The good old hot-water bottle has always been the great savior of all frostbite and freezing feet. However, we would like to point out here that hot water bottles that are too hot or full can lead to injuries - especially if we don't notice the leaking during our sleep. Therefore: Never fill your trusty companion with boiling hot water and not to the brim.

Our last tip is also a true classic for people with cold feet: sleeping with socks. However, there is more to consider here than many realize. Only socks that are not too tight (because of the blood circulation) ensure a truly warm feeling. But our advice on textile quality can also be applied here. Socks made of wool or cotton keep you warm much better due to their climate-regulating properties. Incidentally, this phenomenon applies equally to pajamas. So if you want to upgrade in that regard, too, check out our heat-regulating shirts .

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