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Was hilft gegen starken Nachtschweiß?

What helps against heavy night sweats?

When a person sweats excessively overnight, it is usually due to the release of stress hormones during sleep. Night sweats can come in a variety of forms, from light sweats to severe cases that leave the sufferer waking up drained and sweaty the next morning. The risk of catching a cold is high and well-being and the quality of sleep suffer.

What are the causes of night sweats?

Night sweats can be due to a number of different causes. Here we have listed the most common triggers for excessive night sweat production:

  1. Mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety disorders
  2. Medical conditions such as menopause, diabetes and kidney disease
  3. Certain medications
  4. External factors, such as a bedroom that is too warm
  5. A bad sleep pattern
  6. stress

What can I do against night sweats?

Night sweats can be a very uncomfortable experience. Aside from feeling unwell the next morning, it can also cause insomnia and exhaustion. Medically speaking, night sweats are usually harmless, but they can also be a symptom of a serious medical problem.

To prevent night sweats, people can take a few simple precautions. For example, you should lower the room temperature in the bedroom by a few degrees and wear comfortable and breathable sleeping clothes. Smart bedding can also provide relief. Thermoregulating pillows, duvets and mattress pads are able to absorb excess body heat, store it in the textile and give it back to the body when needed. Natural wax inside the textiles turns your bedding into a heat buffer that balances the climate in bed throughout the night.

SleepCOOL, for example, offers thermoregulating bedding. The manufacturer promises that night sweat production can be reduced by up to 48% if the entire sleeping cave, consisting of pillows, mattress protectors and duvets, is equipped with the smart bedding. The highly functional textiles are proactive and absorb the heat before moisture even develops. An exciting approach that could counteract night sweat problems.

In addition, a regular sleeping rhythm, reducing stress and a healthy diet can be effective levers to get the unpleasant night sweats under control. However, if you have persistent or recurring night sweat problems, you should consult a doctor. The doctor may perform a physical exam to diagnose any medical conditions that may be present. If a mental illness is the cause, treatment can be psychotherapeutic or medication. In the case of a medical illness, medication can also be used to relieve symptoms.

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