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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
Bis zu 30% verlängerte Tiefschlafphase!

Temperature-regulating duvet (400g-490g) COOL.EMOTIONS - Light, breathable duvet - Not too warm, not too cold

149,95 €

Climate and moisture regulating Climate and moisture regulating
Breathable Atmungsaktiv
Temperature balancing Has a temperature balancing effect and a fresh touch
Sweat less, freeze less Reduces sweating & freezing

COOL.EMOTIONS are light, breathable duvets made from 100% polyester with the Outlast® function on the active side.

COOL.EMOTIONS are light, breathable duvets made from 100% polyester with the Outlast® function on the active side, which can extremely reduce moisture, and 100% microfiber (polyester) on the other side. The functional, cuddly filling consists of 50% TENCEL® (Lyocell) and 50% polyester. A perfect product for an optimal sleeping climate. The COOL.EMOTIONS duvets are ideal for people who tend to sweat easily. If you love a dry sleeping climate, this is the place for you. COOL.EMOTIONS duvets support a good night's sleep and balance out unpleasant temperature fluctuations.

SleepCOOL. products use the climate and moisture-regulating functional material Outlast®, which was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from uncomfortable temperature fluctuations in space. Today, Outlast® technology reduces your sweating. The COOL.EMOTIONS duvets consist of two different sides: 100% microfiber (polyester) is processed on one side, and Outlast® functional material that reduces sweating is on the other side. You can feel this as soon as you touch it: simply reach into the outer fabric and you will feel the cool grip. Thanks to the climate-regulating functional material, perspiration is significantly reduced. You sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

100 % Polyester Mikrofaser

50% TENCEL® (Lyocell), 50% Polyester.

100% Polyester with Outlast® functional coating

Care instructions:
40 °C machine washable, suitable for dryer

The cozy filling of 50%TENCEL® (Lyocell) and 50% polyester also still supports the perfect sleeping comfort. Depending on the prevailing conditions takes TENCEL® absorbs moisture particularly quickly and also releases it again quickly into the environment. Compared to other filling materials for quilts, TENCEL® has the highest moisture absorption. The test shows that at a humidity of 65%, TENCEL® still has free capacity to transport moisture away from the body. Only TENCEL® absorbs moisture in a controlled and uniform manner.

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