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SleepCOOL sorgt für die perfekte Schlaftemperatur
Nicht schwitzen und nicht frieren während der Nacht. EInfach die perfekte Temperatur!
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Our 5 summer tips for a tough relaxed sleep

At temperatures of many places over 30 ° Celsius, Germany is currently under a heat wave. Just in the air-conditioned office or refreshing outdoor pool, we often return in heated living rooms in the evening. If then heat tea wander the humidity is pushing upwards, it is not important to fall asleep without hours for rolling up and down. But in summer, our body needs the nocturnal regeneration. Here we have 5 tips on how they stay cool despite the heatwave, feel-relaxed sleeping and refreshed in the morning.

(T) create room atmosphere

Lock the heat! Enjoy the early morning. Thereafter, it is called "windows and curtains". Who uses fans, should set up a bowl of ice cubes nearby, not only to distribute hot air in the room.

Beer garden in moderation

Who eats too violently on heat days and still drinks freezing before sleeping, makes it difficult for his body. When digesting as well as regulating drinks directly from the cooling compartment we produce extra energy. Alcohol reinforces the problem and makes falling asleep after the beer garden visit to the sweaty affair.

Warm shower in the advantage

Cold showers in the evening seem to refresh first. But after that, the body wants to go back to operating temperature, heat up, and on top of that, the cycle is rattled again. Anyone who comfortably fades (lukeep) warms before sleeping, leaves the heat through open pores, relaxing the muscles ... and sleeps cleaner.

Prima climate regulating bedding

Temperature regulating Mattress, Duvet and pillow, like our high-quality sleepcool products, are especially recommended in hot nights. These can save, save and return excess heat through innovative "Phase Change Technologies". Whether hot and cooler morning phase - we remain constant in our comfort area without overheating and sweating.

Just relax

A summery sleep routine can help to condition the body on a healthy "sleep mode". These include a consistent to bed-go time as well as the nightly short walk - but not the view of smartphone and tablet! Because with the bright display you attract mosquitoes and the accuradiation on the bedside table also exudes a quixer extra heat.

Save the sweat & 20%

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Sleepcool wishes you a sensibly relaxed and luxurious sleep despite the summer heatwave.

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